Bike Storage Options

April 16,2021
Bike Storage Options

The temperatures are rising here in Calgary, and we are all excited to hit Calgary’s best biking trails

Biking is fun, environmentally friendly and healthy!  But, what biking is not known for, is the subsequent easy storage of bikes.   Bikes can take up a lot of room in already crowded garages and homes and leaving a bike outside in our harsh winters is not good for its components, nor very secure.  Leaving bikes on patios is often not allowed at condos either.

Whether you live in a single family home with a garage, or a micro condo, getting the right bike storage for your space is important.  We have done some research and here are some tips for safe and convenient bike storage you might find useful.

As you look at these options keep in mind that some options require more space, some options require you to put screws in the wall and preferably on a stud,

Wall mount bike storage

 Tucking your bike against the wall is a great way to save space in your garage, or even your home if that is where you keep your bike.

Wall mount bike storage 









Freestanding bike storage stands

Bike stands allow you to stack 2 bikes vertically if you have the floor to ceiling space where you are storing it.  The  sturdy stand allows you to even stack a weightier bike like an e bike on it.  Just keep in mind that you will want to store the lighter bike on the top!  Below is a visual of a vertical stand. 

  Vertical Bike Stand














Bike storage rack

Putting your bike in a freestanding rack would give very convenient access but it does take up some more room in your garage or home than you might have.

 Freestanding Bike Stand









Bike Storage specific furniture

If you want to make a statement of your bike storage, then getting specific furniture is the way to go!  This option is great if you have the extra space in your home and don’t want to put holes in the wall.

 bike storage furniture













Use a storage unit for bike storage

If you don’t have the space in your home for your bikes, consider using a self storage unit for bike storage.  If you have multiple cyclists in the family and have quite a few bikes, using self storage during the off season might help to free up a significant amount of space in your garage for cars and winter sports gear.  Ensure you choose a clean, secure and 24/7 accessible storage facility near to your home so you can rest assured that your bikes are accessible and in good form when you are ready to go riding.

If you have any questions about bike storage at Bow City Storage and what the right amount space for you would be, call us at 403-BOW CITY.  Bow City Storage offers climate controlled, 24/7 secure access to your belongings.


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