February 13,2023
Have you recently started up a small ecommerce store in Calgary? Or maybe you’re currently working on opening one? Self storage units are ideal for online or home businesses, especially for business owners who live in a small home and are managing reasonable amounts of stock and orders. In addition, whether you’re running an online etsy shop, an amazon delivery or an event entertainment company. Here are some great tips to help you decide whether getting a storage unit is the right solution for you and your small business.
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September 23,2022
***October is Small Businesses Month at Bow City Storage***. Try us risk free for 1 month! The Calgary entrepreneurial ecosystem is as vibrant as ever. The number of small businesses per capita has grown over the last five years and there is no sign of it slowing down. In fact, 95% of all businesses in Calgary are considered “small” since they have less than 5 employees. Small businesses are present in every sector of the economy, with the largest percentage of small businesses in the Professional, scientific and technical services industry.
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May 17,2022
As your small businesses grows, you may start to feel overwhelmed if you can not keep the business organized and effectively manage your stock where you currently have it (perhaps in your home, or your garage!). We put together some helpful tips and insights to help you manage your small business inventory, and ultimately help your small business succeed.
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September 10,2021
Our business storage units are ideal for retailers, manufacturers, sales reps, and all types of small business owners. Whether you need a small storage unit for business supplies, a large unit for equipment and retail inventory, or anything in between, Bow City Storage has you covered.  Did you know we also have a full conference board room and 2 workshare offices?  Read on, or better yet, come in to see how we can help your business’s bottom line by offering secure and convenient storage and workspace. 
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