September 24,2021
Whether you are in a situation of helping parents downsize, move into a senior living community, or parents have just passed away, cleaning out a parents’ home is something that most people have to do someday. While many of us have gone through it, it doesn’t mean it’s easy and every situation is unique and challenging in its own way. Here are some of our favourite tips to help you move and properly clean out your parents’ home.
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August 26,2021
If you have lived in Calgary for a few years, you know that the weather here can change very quickly! Snow in June is not unheard of, neither is +20 degrees in November. These temperature fluctuations is not only hard on us, it's also hard on our furniture. If you’re searching for storage space in Calgary, you probably noticed some storage facility advertising “climate controlled”. You may also noticed that these tend to be a bit pricier than standard storage units. Read on to understand what is meant by climate controlled and why it is worth it to spend a bit extra to get it.
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July 23,2021
Did your home sell much faster than you anticipated and dreamed of? You are not alone, Calgary’s housing market has been seeing very short listing times! If you find yourself in a quick-possession situation, here are some helpful tips to make it less daunting.
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