How Entrepreneurs are using Storage Facilities to stay head of the Competition

September 23,2022
How Entrepreneurs are using Storage Facilities to stay head of the Competition

Bow City Storage is a small business itself and its warehouse facility in Calgary’s beltline is providing warehouse and storage facilities to a number of small businesses in Calgary.  Storage facilities can provide very valuables services for Calgary’s small business community – space and flexibility.

Using warehouse storage can help a small business grow in a variety of ways, including:

 Climate Controlled Warehouse Space

 If your small businesses has inventory or equipment, your products are guaranteed to be protected and safe in a warehouse.  For most small businesses, having a climate controlled space for inventory (and yourself!) is important.   Self storage facilities are a subset of warehouse and the benefit of a self storage over a warehouse is that you will have your dedicated space for your inventory.   Having your own space, or storage unit, means you have more privacy, and ability to manage your inventory right for your small business.

 Inventory Management

 Efficient inventory management is key to being able to efficiently service your customer.  Being close to your customer base allows small businesses to make last mile deliveries quickly and effectively.  If your businesses is a side hustle, having a safe space for your inventory that is accessible 24 hours a day can also be critical.  Some self storage facility provide 24 hour access for business owners who need flexible and convenient access. 

Shipping and Receiving

Being able to both receive and then ship your items from the warehouse efficiently is key in this fast paced logistics world.  Some warehouse and storage facilities provide assistance with this aspect of running your small business.  Having a 3rd party manage the shipping and receiving of your retail items means you can work on the other aspects of your businesses and building up your competitive advantage.

If you are interested to learn more about how a Calgary self storage facility can benefit your small businesses, call Bow City Storage today.   A self storage facility with a dedicated team could become your competitive advantage as a Calgary entrepreneur.

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