How Self Storage Can Help You Get More Fit

May 4,2021
How Self Storage Can Help You Get More Fit

Does your home come with an attached or detached garage?  Did you know you can turn it into a home gym and save on family gym membership fees and probably get more fitness time in because you won’t need to travel in the cold and wet weather to get to and from the gym!

Studies show that convenience is a key decision factor for choosing which gym to get a membership at.     As far as convenience, you can’t get it much more convenient than you own garage!  Many people are turning their extra garage space in to a home gym.  When you turn your garage into a home gym, there are no travel time excuses. Just get geared up, step into your garage gym and get those workouts done!

Here are 5 steps to turn your garage in to a home gym

Step 1: Prepare your Space

This part is the most daunting of all because in many cases.  First clean out and sort all the things that are in your garage.  Anything seasonal in nature can be relocated to a nearby storage facility.  For your home gym, you will want enough floor space for your benches, treadmill, bike, rower, or squat rack.  You will also want some ceiling space to hang suspension trainers and

When you shop for home gym equipment, consider how much space you want to dedicate to your fitness equipment.  There is some new fitness equipment that is very economical for space.  Which means you could have a gym and a garage for your cars all in the same space.

Step 2: Clean your Garage Space

Over time garages get dirtier than you think!  In most cases, a brush and mop are all that’s needed as garages being used for storage primarily tend to get dusty. Given that you’re going to be working out in your garage, dust won’t be good for your respiratory system so give it a good brush over including the walls and ceiling to dislodge dust, vacuum it up and then go over it with a mop. Fitting some air vents may also be a good idea!

Step 3: Consider which equipment needs power

If you don’t already have power in your garage, that’s something you’ll want to install if you want to run electric heating and air conditioning fans to make it more suitable for working out.

The main fittings to consider are for lighting and heating. Perhaps a couple of power sockets for powering up electrical fitness equipment such as a motorised treadmill or an exercise bike with an onboard computer display that needs power to work. Some fitness equipment such as benches, dumbbells and power racks don’t need power, in which case all you’ll need is lighting and heating.

Step 4: Prepare your Floors

No matter what material your garage floor is, there’s a good chance you’ll need to make it more appropriate for exercising by using rubber matting. This is particularly important if you’re going to be doing weight based workouts as even the strongest of concrete floors can be damaged when a barbell is dropped from a weight bench or even placed down too hard on the floor, which could cause the concrete to crack.

Step 5: Bring in your Equipment

Now that you have your garage prepared you can start setting up all your fitness equipment in a permanent location to use anytime you require.  No more folding gym equipment away and taking up cupboard space and then needing to go through the hassle of setting it up. Have all your gym equipment in the one place rather than storing it in wardrobes, cupboards or even under the bed.

A nearby storage facility can be the perfect way to help you transform your garage in to a home gym.  Bow City Storage is a fully climate controlled facility near downtown Calgary and has some great unit size options for seasonal garage items

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