How to properly store your kayak

June 16,2021
How to properly store your kayak

Do own a kayak?  We have done the research and here are some best practices that will ensure your kayak stays safe and in the best shape possible (literally).  To prevent hull damage, you should ideally store the kayak with the weight evenly distributed on a rack or hanging system.  You should also take steps to prevent a pest or rodent infestation. Finally, you should do what you can to prevent theft by keeping your kayak out of sight and protected.

Did you know that the worst thing you could do with your kayak is to drag it to the side of the garage or an outdoor shed and store it on the ground for the winter.  In an ideal world, all kayaks would be stored indoors away from pests, weather, and direct sunlight.  However, bulky kayaks rarely fit in a garage, and it’s challenging to move a kayak into a basement or attic so you might be considering storing it outside.  Follow these tips as you prepare for outdoor kayak storage.If you want to preserve your kayak in good condition, consider these storage tips.

Clean the kayak thoroughly before storing it

A well-used kayak will likely have its fair share of dirt, bugs, and residue that should be cleaned off before the boat is put into storage. Remove any fabric sections like seat cushions or storage compartments. Wash these separately in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Line dry these components and store them separately.

Use a mixture of mild detergent and water to wash your kayak. Buff the bubbles into the boat using a long scrub brush and then rinse off the kayak with the hose, being sure to get into every nook and cranny.  Before putting it in to storage make sure you allow the boat to dry completely and don’t forget to open any storage spaces so they can dry as well.

Storing a kayak outdoors

1.  Create a sheltered area that you can store the kayak under. A simple way to do this is to create a tent-like structure using a tarp and some PVC pipe. The tent shape lets the water drain off the sides of the tarp

2. Store the kayak off the ground on a designated rack

3. Protect the kayak from direct sunlight buy getting a good cover for it – blue tarps are often not sturdy enough. Sun exposure can damage the exterior and warp the kayak

4. Don’t forget to lock the kayak to a secure structure like a garage or shed. Also, store the kayak out of sight like behind the garage.

Different ways to store a kayak indoors

Storing kayaks inside all year round is definitely preferred.  It will keep your kayak in good shape for many years of enjoyment.

1. Hang it on the wall

It is easy enough to make L shaped wooden racks that can be fixed to a wall. Use foam padding on the straight arms to cushion and protect the canoe or kayak. It is best to store canoes upside down on the gunwales and kayaks on their side. Position the racks under the bulkheads of the kayak to provide maximum support and prevent any deformation of plastics.












2. Suspended from the ceiling

Many people choose to hang their boats from the roof in the garage. This gets them up and out of the way and allows you to store other items beneath them. Do not hang your boat from grab loops or carry thwarts. These are not always structural handles and could break. The best way to hang your kayak or canoe is to use a strap or sling under the hull. This can then be attached to a hanger on the roof. You may want to set up a pulley system if your ceiling or rafters are high off the ground.














3. On the Ground

Do not store the kayak directly on the ground.  A simple storage method is to use 2 Universal Foam kayak blocks spaced 6-8 feet apart and lean the boat on its side against the wall.














We hope this guide gave you some insight on how to properly store your kayak all year round.  If you want the ideal storage conditions, consider finding a storage space with a consistent temperature and humidity. An inconsistent environment can make the kayak more susceptible to moisture problems like mold and mildew. Bow City Storage offers 24/7 access and climate controlled storage units.

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