Key qualities to look for in a storage facility near you

August 20,2022
Key qualities to look for in a storage facility near you

Key Quality #1- Is it Convenient to Reach: Distance to your storage unit is crucial to ensure you do not have to haul your items or drive for miles to reach your storage unit. Since some things you will store in your self-storage unit will be required in emergency times, your chosen facility should be conveniently accessible from your home. It will also be efficient as you will be saving your time and gas costs of driving to and from.

Key Quality #2- Has a Robust Security System and is well lit:   Ask questions when you are doing your research surrounding security and perhaps take a drive by one evening to see if it looks secure.   While access gates, 24 hour surveillance cameras are enough to give you peace of mind, a good facility will also have bright lights everywhere, inside and outside.

Key Quality #3- Is professionally managed:  The storage industry is under-going a transformation, for the better!  There are many professionally managed storage facilities available for you to choose from.  In order to get a sense of how well the facility is operated, take a look at the Google Reviews and see what other clients before you have said. 

Key Quality #4- Maintains a Clean and Sanitary Environment:  A good storage facility takes cleanliness very seriously.  After all, you are moving your household items in to a storage unit, and therefore, you don’t want to spend time cleaning those items after you bring them out of storage. 

Key Quality #5- Provides Quality Amenities:  While your storage unit might be similar from one storage facility to the next, the amenities offered in addition to the storage unit could be vastly different.  Good storage facilities near you will hopefully have on-site staff to help answer questions, clean washrooms, WIFI throughout the building, refreshments and moving supplies available for purchase.

Key Quality #6- Has Reasonable Charges:  The old adage of you get what you pay for is very true in storage.  Running a professional facility means that it might not be the lowest priced of the ones to choose from.  Be careful of “too good to be” discounts.  Your storage unit is an extension of your home in some cases, so make sure you are comfortable with the charges and policies. 

About Bow City Storage

Bow City Storage is a locally owned and operated self storage facility in SW Calgary since 2021.  Bow City Storage has helped hundreds of clients navigate moving and storage.  It can be an overwhelming process and our Team is prepared to help you find the right storage unit for your needs.  We never lock you in to long term contracts and our pricing is transparent, no hidden fees!

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