Most Important Things to Look for In a Storage Facility in Calgary

November 24,2021
Most Important Things to Look for In a Storage Facility in Calgary


A convenient location to you is a very important factor.  Distance and traffic can make getting to facilities on the outer skirts of cities difficult to get to.  This should always be factored in when comparing price.  Your local facility may be a bit more expensive but the old adage of time is money is so true.  Travel time to and from your storage unit should be a big consideration.  Bow City Storage’s location and access is often near the top of the list of why customers choose us.

 Storage Unit Price

Of course, price is important and you should have a budget in mind for your monthly storage cost.   Make sure you understand the full costs associated with the unit, including additional fees and insurance costs.  At Bow City Storage, we strive for clear and transparent pricing and we don’t believe in charging hidden user fees.

Storage Facility Features

Storage facilities can come with a number of different features that make them more desirable.  These can include 24/7 access, smartphone access that will allow you to share access with family members or friends for a limited time, office and board room space, package receiving and other amenities that our customers value.  It is important to take all of these features into account when choosing a storage facility because some of these features may be useful and even save you money in the long run. 


One of the major concerns when storing is the security of the storage facility.  This is of course important when considering which facility to store your valuables.  One aspect of security that not many people take into account is also how safe you feel in the facility during all hours of the day.  Newer facilities will have full camera coverage as well as access control to each floor so that only customers with lockers on that floor have access to it.  Bow City Storage strives to offer a secure storage and user experience by utilizing security monitoring, interior only access, thermal motion sensors and lighting 24 hours a day.

 The Team

It is always important to go with a facility that has not only friendly but also knowledgeable and professional staff that is responsive and diligent.  This will help ensure that you get the correct storage solution for your needs.  The Team at Bow City Storage is here for you – our job is to make storage as convenient and pleasant as possible.  We are here for you when you need us.

 We are proud to be the top-rated storage facility in Calgary by Google.   We are locally owned and operated by Calgarians, and we take great pride in providing with the best storage solution and experience  


When picking a self storage facility to store your personal valuables, the facility should be easy to access, clean and secure, and the staff should be professional.  These qualities along with the other aspects discussed above will ensure that your valuables are well taken care of and safe when you need them.

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