Preparing your RV for Summer Season

April 2,2022
Preparing your RV for Summer Season

Does it feel like Spring and Summer are finally on its way?  We couldn’t be more excited to have the best summer ever!

Before the snow really started to fly late last year you would have winterized your RV and stored it safely on your lot, or on an RV storage lot.   Now that it’s time to start preparing for summer – we have some useful tips for you to get your RV ready for summer season.

Whether yours has been or a storage lot, or sitting covered in your driveway, there are some things to do before you start it up.

While this isn’t a comprehensive ‘RV summer prep’ list, we feel it’s a good place to start:


  • Fill the fresh water tank and make sure the taps are closed
  • If you have a hot water bypass, set the valve to ‘normal’
  • Turn on the taps and flush the toilet until the antifreeze is entirely out of your water lines
  • Connect to a municipal water source
  • Check around faucets, pipes and other water lines (including cupboards) for leaks
  • Fill the hot water tank and test it
  • Make sure your sewer hose is free from tears and holes


  • Start up the generator and let it run for a few minutes
  • Check lights (interior and exterior), appliances, and any other electrical equipment
  • Turn off all power and inspect the battery (use gloves)
  • If it’s been awhile, have a professional test the battery


  • Check the pressure and make sure it follows the recommendations in your owner’s manual
  • Make sure the tread isn’t worn down
  • Look for irregularities, cracks, and uneven wear


  • Turn everything off, including appliances that use liquid propane
  • Check fluid levels under the hood (transmission fluid, engine coolant, generator oil, etc.). Check you mileage and see if the RV is due for an inspection
  • With your leak detector turned on, open the propane valves
  • See if you smell gas. If you do, use a mixture of soap and water for visual signs of a leak
  • If everything is in good working order, test your propane-fueled appliances


  • Check caulking around roof, windows and doors to make sure there are no holes or leaks
  • Seal cracks or holes if necessary
  • Open any awnings or extensions and make sure everything is working smoothly
  • Wipe or hose off dirt and spider webs


  • Make sure your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working
  • Make sure your fire extinguisher is up to date
  • Clean dust and dirt from all surfaces including the kitchen and bathroom
  • Wipe down the inside of the fridge and the burners
  • Vacuum if you have carpet
  • Put back linens and pillows (or wash any linens you left in the RV)

Looking for a place to store your boat or RV after the summer?  Bow City Storage is now offering RV Storage at their 10thAve location.  It’s Calgary’s only downtown RV parking, perfect for those that like to take their RV out regularly and don’t want to drive far to store the RV.

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