Spotlight Focus: 10x20 Self Storage Unit

February 17,2022
Spotlight Focus: 10x20 Self Storage Unit

What can I fit in a 10x20 storage unit?

A 10 x 20 storage unit is approximately the size of a single-car garage and has the space to accommodate the furniture of a three-bedroom home. It’s 10 feet wide by 20 feet long and measures out to 200 square feet of floor space which gives you 1,600 cubic feet of packing and storing room.  At Bow City Storage the height of a 10x20 storage unit is 8 to 10 feet.  Our ground floor self storage units have 10 foot ceilings – perfect for stacking boxes and furniture.

Can I fit a living room set in a 10x20 storage unit?

Some of the more common items that are stored in a 10 x 20 storage unit include large household appliances, a living room furniture set, three or four bedroom sets, large-screen TVs, and patio furniture. This unit’s space is best suited for tasks like relocating to a new house, storing furnishings during renovations, or as storage for a seasonal or second vehicle.

Can I rent a 10x20 storage unit for only a month?

Absolutely – if you’re in between homes and need to store your household items in a secure and clean storage facility for a short amount of time only, Bow City Storage is a great option.  We accommodate large moving trucks and we have 3 oversized elevators that will help move your items quickly. 

You’re never locked in to a long term contract at Bow City Storage. 

What is the price of a 10x20 storage unit?

The price of a self storage unit depends on many factors including location of the facility, whether it is climate controlled, and the overall safety and accessibility of the facility and your unit.  Many storage providers provide pricing on their website, including Bow City Storage.  When deciding on the right facility for you – we always recommend checking out the facility’s google reviews.  Google reviews are a great way to get a feel for what customers before you have experienced.

What happens if I need more space after I have moved in?

This happens more than you think and this a great question to ask when you are doing your research for the right storage facility in Calgary for you.  Bow City Storage believes that you should get the space that is right for you, and the Team will transfer your account to a different unit size at no charge.  

If you’re considering getting a 10x20 storage unit in Calgary, Bow City Storage is here for you.  Our brand new facility and knowledgeable team will ensure you have the best storage experience! 

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