Things to consider when combining personal and business storage

June 10,2022
Things to consider when combining personal and business storage

We have found that customers are increasingly careful who they choose for their self storage provider, and for good reason we think!  Whether it is for your own personal valuables or your business inventory, you need to have confidence  that it is in a safe and conveniently accessible space.   Like many of us, we combine business with personal – and your storage unit can help you with that.

Storage Space Allocation

Allotting demarcated space for personal and business storage within a combined storage unit is pertinent as it would prevent your personal goods from mixing with the latter. Else, it would result in confusions, and reduce the ease of collecting them when needed. Ensuring that there is sufficient space for everything is also crucial in a combined storage space.  The convenient aspect of a storage facility is that you can have 2 individual spaces to make it even easier to keep business and personal storage separated

Using racking and boxes in your storage unit

Many of our business clients use racking to make the most of their floor space.  But, racking can be similarly useful for personal storage to stack totes, bedding, chairs, and personal files.  Remember to label your goods appropriately and in detail, and make sure you keep the bulky and heavy things at the back. Files, equipment and similar materials which would be required frequently can be placed near the entrance as against items which are occasionally needed.  Another expert tip is to create a laneway, or aisle in your storage unit so you can easily access the back and also items off to the side.

Climate Control

When storing items which are sensitive to specific climatic conditions, a climate controlled unit is critical as the weather changes rapidly here in Calgary.  Climate controlled self storage prevents any damage caused by excessive humidity, heat, etc.  Even if you don’t think you need climate control – imagine your furniture being exposed to temperatures that can range from the  mid thirties above and the mid thirties below. 

Access & Security

Be it personal or business storage, security is indispensable. Factors like lighting, location,  surveillance system, fire prevention and pest control all are to be considered while selecting a  self storage unit. And when it comes to access, whether you need a facility that offers 24 hour access, or restricted entry relies upon your unique needs.   It is recommended to find storage facilities which provide strong security and 24/7 access to the storage, all throughout the year, to prevent any inconveniences.


Choosing a dependable storage facility may be daunting but Bow City Storage might just be your answer.   We are here to help answer any of your questions and make sure you make the right decision for yourself and your business.  Bow City Storage provides friendly and professional customer friendly, and will help you find the right storage solution for your needs . Bow City Storage near downtown Calgary is safe, secure and trustworthy!

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