Tips for packing and moving on a short time frame

July 23,2021
Tips for packing and moving on a short time frame

Packing up a home is stressful and having to do it quickly it can be especially daunting!  We have your covered here with some tips that will help with the packing up process.  Some planning and preparation will most certainly help make things go a lot smoother.

Prepare Moving Supplies and Boxes

Save time by doing a one stop shop for all your moving supplies.  Buy your tape, bubble wrap, labels, and, most importantly, boxes all at one shop. Your local storage facility will have everything you need to accomplish a full household pack up.  This way, you’ll be ready to start packing in record time with all that you need at your fingertips.

Pack Essentials First

Think about the items you use every single day to make sure you don’t forget to keep these handy around moving day.  Create a seperate box that includes some kitchen cleaning supplies such as garbage bags, dish soap, dish towels, etc.  Also, consider some go to toys your kids will want during the chaos of moving.  And finally, some personal grooming items such as a towel, shampoo and soap might come in really handy on those long moving days.


During the packing phase is the best time to start decluttering and getting rid of those things that are of no use or value to you anymore. It will mean fewer items to pack and take with you on your move. Save yourself the frustration and get down to the items you really love and want in your next home. Not only is it a great way to ensure a fresh start, but it will also help move the process along much faster.

Call a Professional Moving Company

When push comes to shove and you feel way in over your head, it may be time to call in some professional movers. Good movers have the tools and manpower to get your belongings packed and moved within a short time frame.

Book a Storage Unit

Getting some storage space will greatly help you to get organized in your new home.  By safely storing seasonal items including clothes, you will not have to worry about organizing these when you have first moved in to your new home.  A local storage facility will be able to help you get the space you need for short term or long term.

One final thought – a quick possession date and move means you are forced to do everything  in a matter of days and not procrastinate and have it on your mind for weeks!

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