Tips for storing Holiday Decorations

November 15,2022
Tips for storing Holiday Decorations

Plan Ahead

Consider how you’ll set up your seasonal decorations at home every year when deciding how to store them. After that, reverse-organize the procedure. Everything you use first should be arranged last, and vice versa. If you follow this through, everything will be within easy reach the following season.

Declutter Your Decorations

Decluttering will assist you in maintaining an efficient strategy of storing your items because you will be able to determine which ones need to be thrown out and which will be preserved.  Every time you take down the décor, decide if you loved it, or if it is time to sell or donate it. This avoids storing decorations that are no longer usable and will allow you to store other items that you do love and bring you joy year after year.    

Categorize Each Item

Classify them according to their intended use, or in this case, Holiday or celebration.  It indicates that products with similar purposes and designs through size, shape, or color should be arranged together. Mixing and matching decorations without properly organizing them can make it harder to locate which ones you need.

General Packing Tips for Seasonal Decor

Untangle your strings and cables and avoid piling up your string lights directly. If you do, you’ll have a huge mess to deal with when you unpack them. Furthermore, you will increase the likelihood of bulbs breaking in storage or wires becoming bent out of shape. It would also be ideal to have some form of supporting material you’ll wrap your lights around. 

Separate the fragile items that will require additional care in packing. It’s important to remember that some decorations don’t have to be made of glass or ceramics to be classified as breakable. Many seasonal decorations have small, intricate designs that demand particular care when packing and storing.

Store All Items In The Same Style of Container

Before purchasing storage containers, figure out how much you have for each season and how many containers you’ll need. Then, use the same exact containers for all of your items. Ideally, all the bins should have the same dimension; so they stack on top of one another. You can try stacking them using the brick approach, as it allows you to conveniently take one container out of the wall while preventing the other bins from falling. It also saves you from taking multiple containers down to get the one you want.

Use a safe self storage unit with a clean climate-controlled environment

Since you won’t use the decorations regularly and some can take up a lot of space, an option is to rent a self storage unit where you can keep seasonal items. If you have a lot of seasonal decorations to store, self storage facilities are ideal. You ensure that all your decorations are in one accessible spot with a sturdy container to find them easily. It is also important to note that extreme temperatures might cause damage to your decorations as the seasons change. When you store seasonal objects in a climate controlled storage facility, humidity, high temperatures, and other environmental factors have no effect on them. When selecting a storage facility, look for one that offers safe self-storage and climate-controlled space.


As the Holiday Season is in full swing in Calgary, we hope you find these tips useful as you prepare to bring out your treasured holiday décor.   If you would like to find out more how a storage unit at Bow City Storage can help you with storing your holiday décor call us  or visit our website at

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