Tips to prepare your home for Airbnb or short term rental

June 9,2021
Tips to prepare your home for Airbnb or short term rental

Tips to prepare your home for Airbnb Guests

Are you thinking about renting out your home or condo for short term or long term rental?  Here are some tips to get you set up for success and peace of mind. 

1. Put away your personal belonging

Be sure to remove any personal or valuable items, such as household bills, family heirlooms, and jewelry. You can either keep these items in a locked room or move them to a storage unit. Feel free to leave out items your guests may find interesting like books, wall art, or photos of place you have visited.  These items also serve as a gentle reminder to your guests that they’re staying in someone’s home.  Be mindful to put away personal photos such as wedding photos or photos of your kids.  

Clear out your closets and drawers in both the bedrooms and the bathrooms.  Many guests like to put their belongings away and get everything tidied up like it’s their home – so give them enough space by doing that. 

2. Deep clean your home

One way to get really good reviews from your guests is to have a tidy and very clean condo or home for them to stay in.  So, make sure you do a deep-clean of every room and surface including blinds, walls, light fixtures, floors, and baseboards. Make sure the trash is taken out and that high-touch surfaces like counters, doorknobs, remotes, light switches, and tables are sanitized.  My Clean Condos is a great local company who specializes in getting your place spotless.

3. Update the locks

Keyless entry, or smartphone entry allows you to create a personalized code for each guest.  It also means a faster check-in and check-out process, remote access for you, the host, and zero worry about replacing lost keys. Not to mention, these locks offer you and your guests more security features like tamper and failed attempt alerts.

4. Include WIFI and streaming services to your condo

One of the most asked for amenities with Airbnb rentals is WiFi. Offering free internet access to your guests not only gives you a competitive edge, but you can also expand your pool of renters to include business travelers who may need access to the web to work. Along with WiFi, it’s a good idea to provide a TV with access to cable or a smart TV that guests can use to stream their favorite shows.

 5. Create the best first impression with professional photos of your pad

To have a successful listing on Airbnb, you need good real estate photography. If you’re taking DIY real estate photos, be sure to use a professional camera, tripod, and as much natural light as possible. If, however, you have the budget, consider hiring a professional real estate photographer such as the talented Lisa, as they’re more experienced and will have the necessary equipment. Remember, photos are the first impression of your Airbnb home and you know how fast customers can scroll!

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