Unique advantages of using a storage unit for your small (or big) business

September 29,2023


Cheap(er) commercial storage

Commercial spaces are not cheap to rent, so if you find you are using some (or a lot) of your commercial space for file storage, equipment storage, meeting space, it could be worthwhile to explore self storage.  Some small businesses, once they start using self storage for their business realize they don’t need dedicated office space anymore.  Remote work and shared workspaces, together with a conveniently located self storage unit, might be all that is needed to run a successful business

Prime location for your business

Traditionally storage units could only be found in industrial areas.  Today, there are several conveniently located storage facilities near downtown areas.  Together with location, access is also important to businesses that store inventory in their units.  Well designed storage facilities will have overheight loading docks, package acceptance, indoor loading and unloading areas, oversized elevators and recycling services.  By choosing a storage facility that has all those amenities, no matter what the business inventory needs are  - the storage facility can meet them.


Month to month rental agreements are standard for storage facilities.  This creates an incredible opportunity for small businesses to pay only for the exact amount of space that is needed on a monthly basis.  This type of flexibility is not possible when renting warehouse space.

Cost certainty, and costs included

When you rent a storage unit, you only need to pay for the square footage of your storage unit.  There are no additional costs for renting the space, which is great for small business owners since there is no need to budget for property tax costs, utility costs, maintenance costs, etc.  Only paying month to month for exactly the storage space you need can be critical to the success of a small business.

Bonus amenities

Many new and well designed storage facilities offer amenities such as office space, boardroom space, wifi, recycling services, package acceptance.   These amenities are not standard for all self storage facilities, so make sure you do your research.  In some cases small fees apply for the service, but the good news is, if you need the service it’s there, if you don’t need it, you’re not paying for it either!

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