Business Storage in Calgary

We have helped small businesses grow to become big businesses.

We help small businesses such as online retailers, home stagers, furniture stores, cleaning companies, and many more by providing a secure and accessible storage solutions for their inventory.  Bow City Storage also offers all business clients wtih package acceptance delivery services - ask us about it when you sign up. 





Business & Commercial Storage Calgary


 Business and Commercial Storage Calgary


We are the top business storage specialists in Calgary. Our experienced staff will take the time to determine the most efficient and cost-effective option for your needs. We offer package acceptance and delivery services so you can prepare your shipment and we can take care of the rest while you continue on running the other parts of your business. 

Our commercial self-storage facility offers perfect storage solutions with easy access to our loading bay for delivery trucks to unload and load. Our facility is visited daily by all of the main courier companies, ensuring that packages are received and dispatched regularly. We provide a choice of self-storage unit sizes and if your business is seasonal in nature - you can easily upsize or downsize your unit and keep your bottom line growing!

Our units are suitable for any business but especially small to medium-sized businesses, including trades, cleaning companies, independent distributors, retailers and medical offices, to name a few. Our ground floor is specifically designed with wider hallways and over-height ceilings, perfect for racking inventory and maximizing your space, time, and money. Now you can keep inventory in an easily accessible and safe location in central Calgary close to your customers.

With our range of storage sizes and services, you could be tempted to give up those expensive warehouses and long-term leases. Join a growing number of businesses using self-storage to maximize their bottom line.

For more information on Bow City Storage services or if you have any queries, feel free to contact us at 403-269-2489.


How much extra space do you need?


Choose Your Unit Size
  • 5x5
  • 5x10
  • 5x12
  • 10x10
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  • 10x15
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What services do we provide to our business self-storage clients?



 What services do we provide to our business self-storage clients?


  • Package acceptance on your behalf
  • Ten person boardroom
  • Two work share offices
  • Bluetooth enabled building and unit access system
  • Fully secured facility
  • Loading-bay lift for unloading larger trucks with forklifts
  • Mini refreshment area
  • 4 indoor heated loading bays
  • Washroom facilities
  • WIFI throughout the building

Who uses business storage units?


 Who uses business storage units?


  • Retail shops with excess stock
  • Fullfilment by Amazon
  • Online Businesses
  • Sales Representatives
  • Importers and Exporters
  • Tradesmen
  • Movers
  • Businesses needing document storage
  • Businesses in-between premises


 A clutter-free, well-organized workspace will

  • Impress clients, reduce stress, and boost overall staff productivity.
  • Increase the amount of space available in your office.
  • Maintain an effective inventory management system.
  • Manage seasonal variations and other supply/demand changes.
  • Maximize your time spent growing your business (and less time worrying about your business storage space).


What to look for when renting business storage?




When researching storage facilities, check for features such as restricted security access to your floor only, video surveillance, electronic gate access, and lighting to name a few. You will want to ensure the storage facility is managed using high-quality security measures.


Extended hours & 24-Hour access

 Extended hours and 24-Hour access


Securing a corporate storage unit with extended or 24-hour access might benefit those who want to work early in the morning, at night, or on weekends. A business storage solution with Bow City storage provide you with 24-hour access so that you may use your unit whenever it's convenient for your schedule.


Drive In Loading Bay Access

 Drive-up access





 Do you have any valuable items in your possession that might get damaged in an uncontrolled storage environment? Storage units with climate control facilities usually maintain a temperature range of 55 to 80 degrees year-round, which helps preserve delicate items from deterioration. This option is strongly suggested if you intend to keep confidential paper documents, electrical devices such as laptops and televisions, retail merchandise, or leather and wood furniture. We safely keep and manage your inventory in a climate-controlled unit that is accessible 24/7.

Ready to rent self-storage for your business? Call Bow City storage; we provide the best storage facility with no long-term lease contract/rental agreement. With our flexible and economical service, you only pay for the square footage you use..


Happy customers are our Number #1 priority!

Customer Testimonials

Bow City Storage offers excellent customer service, great facilities and convenient 24/7 access. I store supplies for my business in a unit here and it couldn't be easier for my staff to access the unit. Overall, I would recommend Bow City Storage to anyone looking for a fantastic storage facility!

-A Deitsch, Small Business Owner

Great location and onboarding process. Awesome and fault-free app to access the building. Would recommend.

-P. Holmberg

"Best storage facility in Calgary. Definitely most advanced and secure. Very friendly and attentive staff. Super clean. Highly recommended."


-W. Satanek

Why do businesses choose Bow City Storage Calgary?


 Why do businesses choose Bow City Storage Calgary?


 Modern times demand modern solutions. With all that is happening around us, we know that you already have enough on your plate than worrying about storage!


Built with the goal to provide hassle-free service and the immediate attention that a growing business deserves, Bow City storage is your perfect storage solution. We strive to make your life easy by providing a full range of services – residential storage, business storage, student storage, and even packing supplies.


Locally Owned


Operating as a locally owned business since 2000, we can deliver a range of flexible storage solutions compared to the industry standard offers. With a can-do attitude, our staff is trained to analyze your specific needs and offer various suitable solutions.




In addition to providing the best storage solutions for the most common storage needs, our highly-trained and experienced team can also customize a package to meet the demands of more complex storage requirements.





We know we have some of the best pricing in Calgary for all our storage solutions, and you can be assured that they will remain that way while you store with us. THE BEST PRICE FOR STORAGE IN CALGARY, GUARANTEED!




We don't just provide affordable self-storage; we go above and beyond to include many value-added services to make your storage experience easy.




As a leading storage service provider that offers business storage in Calgary, Bow City storage invests significantly in the training and development of our staff because we believe that no matter how advanced our infrastructure is, it is meaningless without a strong team.


Other facilities include:

  • Dry and clean storage facility
  • First-class customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible renting periods
  • Moving equipment

At Bow City Storage, we understand that you may have a few questions before you are ready to book your self-storage unit. Contact ous at  403-BOW-CITY. We’re here to help you every step of the way through your commercial storage journey.


Get in touch with us today.



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